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Great Italian Restaurants Downtown Toronto

Visitors to Toronto might not be aware that the city has one of the most vibrant foodie cultures in North America. In part, this is as a result of the wonderful dining opportunities in the city. There is something to literally suit every taste. Toronto offers fine dining, family options or the opportunity to tuck into great bar snacks. It is a city that will reward those in search of authentic local dishes and international cuisine alike.

However, if one really wants to indulge in an authentic culinary experience taking a seat in one of the great Italian restaurants Downtown Toronto offers is absolutely essential. the reason that Toronto has built so an incredible reputation for producing fabulous Italian meals is in part due to the large numbers of Italian immigrants that found their homes in the city during the 1970s. These immigrants from all over Italy realized that the city was ripe for a move away from the standard ‘spaghetti and meatballs’ approach to something a little more rustic, a little more authentic and a whole lot more filled with great flavor.

For those who want to explore the fabulous Italian restaurants Downtown Toronto is a great place to start – and here are some great choices to start on that journey of exploration.

1. Cibo Wine Bar.

The moment diners walk through the front door and are greeted by a space that screams ‘style’ they know that they are in for a treat. The styling of the decor is yet another indication that a similar artistic approach should be expected from the chefs – and diners will not be disappointed. Although the restaurant is billed as a ‘wine bar’ it has taken that dining experience to new heights – with the best of Italian cuisine thrown into the mix. The fresh in house pizzas are delightful. Dishes such as the Veal Milanese, a breaded veal chop is a thing of beauty served with fingering potatoes and rapini take taste to a whole new level. Ignore the pasta offerings at your peril.

2. La Bettola di Terroni.

This is a restaurant that has elevated simplicity to an art form. It serves authentic Southern Italian using fresh ingredients which combine to provide exquisite flavors. The homemade pasta should not be missed. Dishes like the ‘Chitarra alla Norcina’ simply shine with flavors of homemade Italian sausage, Black Truffle shavings, Pecorino Romano with house created Chitarra Spaghetti done just right. Don’t forget to factor in the wine into the experience – it’s essential.

3. Massimo Bruno Supper Club.

If diners are willing to plan ahead they can experience a meal that involves all the best that Italian dining can offer. Laughter, jokes, great food and a sense of community. The Massimo Bruno Supper Club puts diners in the heart of the experience with communal tables where everyone soon gets to know one another. The BYOB policy adds to the fun with people swapping not only life stories and smiles, but also sharing their individual wine preferences. You’re going to pay for the privilege – but it’s worth every cent.

If you are in Toronto head Downtown and indulge in some of the best Italian cuisine that can be found anywhere in the world – and that includes Italy.

What Are The Benefits Of Party Tent Rentals?

Rented Tent

If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor event or party, it’s important to take into consideration all that Mother Nature can throw at you. It can be extremely unfortunate if your event needs to be canceled or relocated simply because it’s raining outside! For this reason among many others, many people look to party tent rentals as a way to combat nature and the elements as well as to add more function and fun to the party. If you’re still not sure whether or not you want to spend the extra money for rental services, here are a few benefits of doing so:

Party tents make your event less stressful.

Not only is hosting a party stressful because you have to figure out how to plan it from A-to-Z, but not knowing what the weather is going to be like is additional stress you may not be prepared for. Even if you do your best to check out the weather a few days before your big event, the weather can change quickly in just a few hours. By choosing to rent a tent well in advance before your big event, you can ensure that your guests can enjoy a dedicated dry space outdoors. Not to mention, your guests will be happy you took the initiative to prepare for potential weather problems.

Provide comfort for your guests with a rented tent.

Party tent rentals offer comfort in more ways than one for your guests. Rain isn’t just the only thing that can ruin your party – severe heat can too! Not only does your tent protect your guests from getting wet in a rainstorm, but it can also provide shade and a cool structure during the extremely hot months of the year.

Tent rentals provide optimal privacy.

The problem with hosting a party in a massive outdoor space is that you have very little privacy from prying eyes or unwanted critters. Tents are the only way that you can encompass and protect large amounts of space while offering your guests plenty of privacy. A smaller defined area is a great way to pull all of your guests into one place and provide an intimate barrier between them and the outside world. This is especially an important factor to take into consideration when you’re hosting a truly private event such as a wedding where it can feel awkward to have strangers looking in.

Tents can provide ambience for your attendees.

It’s hard to host a party outdoors as you’ll have trouble spreading out the decorations and making it feel like a cozy affair. You can take an open field or an otherwise boring backyard and transform it into something truly magical with the right decorations by renting a tent. There are many styles of tents and sizes that you can choose from, therefore, you can add window treatments, accessorize the walls, and spread out decorations that can provide the perfect ambience. Don’t forget that adding flowers and plants throughout the tent can also make your party feel more personalized.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why you should opt for a party tent rental in your area. A tent isn’t just affordable, but it can help designate a space for partygoers, make the party feel cozier, and protect them from the elements and prying eyes.

Making Healthy Food Choices At Italian Restaurants

Italian Cheese And Pasta

Italian restaurants aren’t exactly known for their healthy cuisine. Most Italian dishes are loaded with butter, cream, or olive oil. They also often incorporate pasta, which is generally high in carbohydrates and low in nutritional value.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all hope is lost. You can still make healthy food choices when you are dining out at an Italian restaurant. It is just a matter of knowing which foods on the menu are the best for you.

In terms of appetizers, one of the best choices that you can make is bruschetta. This simple dish starts with toasted bread. It is then topped with a combination of tomatoes and fresh herbs, creating a flavorful appetizer that doesn’t have a lot of calories.

Another tip to keep in mind when choosing your appetizer is that grilled or roasted options are always preferable to fried options. For instance, roasted vegetables are a much better choice than fried zucchini sticks. Many restaurants also provide a basket full of bread while you wait for your meal. As tempting as it may be, your best bet is usually to skip the bread and save your appetite for your main course.

For lunches, soups and salads are both good choices. When ordering soup, opt for a broth or vegetable-based soup rather than a cream-based soup. This will help keep the amount of fat and calories down. In most cases, soups are filled with vegetables and other healthy ingredients, making them a fantastic alternative to more calorie-dense options on the menu.

Salads are also usually a good option. However, you do need to pay attention to how much dressing you use and how many unhealthy toppings are thrown on the salad. For instance, if your salad is covered with bacon and creamy dressing, it may have as many calories and as much fat as some of the main courses that are on the menu. Usually, your best bet is to opt for a salad that contains a lot of vegetables and that has a light vinaigrette for dressing.

If you are going to order a meat-based meal, consider opting for chicken, fish, or other types of seafood rather than red meat. White meat and fish are generally a lot lower in fat, making them a healthier choice. Additionally, choose meat that has been grilled rather than fried to help minimize the amount of fat that you consume with your meal.

If you are going to have dessert, look for low-calorie options such as fresh fruit or Italian ice cream. Most other Italian desserts tend to be extremely rich and have a lot of calories. If you do want to splurge, consider splitting a dessert with someone else at your table so that you still get all of the delicious flavor but only consume half the calories.

There are plenty of healthy food choices at Italian restaurants. It is simply a matter of looking at the website and making smarter choices when you order. You can still enjoy a delicious meal without going overboard in terms of fat and calories.

A Beginner’s Guide To Party Tent Rental

Wedding Event Tent

If you are holding a large outdoor event, you may want to look into party tent rental. By renting a large tent, you can provide shelter for your guests in case the weather turns bad.

Knowing what to look for when you rent a tent can help make the process a lot easier. One of the first things that you need to think about is the style of tent that you want. For the most part, there are two basic styles of tents that you can rent. Pole tents have large poles in the center of the tent and around the edges. The edges of the tent are staked down to the ground in much the same way as a camping tent.

Frame tents, on the other hand, are made of canvas that has been stretched over an exterior frame. Because of the way they are designed, they don’t have poles in the middle of the tent. Instead, the entire center of the tent is open.

Both types of tents are good choices, depending on the overall look you are going for with your event. The primary benefit of choosing a frame tent is that you don’t have to worry about any tent poles getting in the way. At the same time, however, pole tents tend to be a lot cheaper to rent, making them a good option if you are on a budget.

You also need to think about the size of the tent. Most rental companies will help you choose the size that is the most appropriate if you provide them with the number of guests who are going to be attending your event. It is important to choose a tent that is exactly the right size. If the tent is too small, everyone won’t be able to fit inside. On the other hand, if it is too large, it may feel too empty during your event.

Most rental companies, including those in the article, will require a deposit for the tent. You may want to find out what the amount of this deposit is ahead of time so that you have enough money set aside to cover it. Although the deposit will hold your tent until the date of your event, you generally still have to pay the full rental price in advance before you can pick up the tent.

A lot of companies will handle setting up and tearing down the tent for you. Find out if this service is included in the rental price. If not, find out how much extra it would cost to have them deal with setting up and taking down the tent on your behalf. This is especially important if you are renting a large outdoor tent since they can be challenging to set up without the right tools and equipment.

Party tent rental is a great option if you are having an event that is being held outdoors. A large outdoor tent provides a place for your guests to seek shelter if the weather happens to take a turn for the worse during your event.