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The Case For Programmatic Ad Buying

Mobile Platforms

If you have been doing online advertising for some time, then you already know that there are different types of advertising products that you can choose from. There is what you call pay-per-click or PPC advertising and there is what you call Facebook advertising, which is really a brand of programmatic ad buying.

If you notice, there are many times when Facebook shows ads relate to your search on Google. It’s not that Google has been actively sharing information about specific users with the largest social media website in the world. It’s just that your laptop and mobile devices are bombarded with cookies and other online identifiers that are picked up by the programmatic ad buying platform on Facebook. But Facebook is not the only place where you can buy programmatic ads, there’s also Google Ad Exchange and a host of the programmatic ad networks.

How much does it cost to buy a programmatic ad and how does the ad buying process work?

It’s based on a cost-per-click model, which means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, although there are networks that charge per-impression.The power of the program is in pre-qualifying leads. When you sign up for an account for buying ads, you will need to enter information about your target market. It’s not enough to get their demographics, you also need to know what media and information they consume online and what type of websites they visit.

Once you upload the information, the algorithm in the advertising platform then actively searches for users that match the info on certain points. A cookie typically enables a match alert. Once a user has been found, the algorithm automatically bids to buy ads to show to the person. The ads are then shown. This process usually takes only a few milliseconds and you won’t even notice it happening.

Programmatic ads are so powerful, they are the leading advertising products now, with a market share of over 50% for laptop and mobile devices. In order to truly harvest the power of this model, though, you need to be accurate in your information. There are third-party services out there that gather and sell detailed information on the buyers of different products and services. Of course, they cost money. A lot of money.

If you don’t have the resource to get hold of well-researched third party information, you can always do so yourself. You just need to maintain a website and gather leads by publishing an opt-in form where your website visitors can enter their email address. Give them a reason to go back to your website, and give them things to do when they are there. Publish videos and images. Make sure that you track their movement using their an analytics program.

Once you have information on at least 1,000 visitors, you now have enough information to create an effective programmatic ad campaign. The only thing left to do is go to to learn more then create effective ads that are compelling.

Effective Strategies For Marketing A Mobile App

Mobile Marketing Strategy
Mobile Marketing Strategy

Have you created a great mobile app and now want to get it marketed? Successfully marketing a mobile app can be challenging in today’s environment simply because of the sheer number of apps available. There is very strong competition in almost every sector, so to get your app noticed and sold may take some innovative strategies. It might take a while to start realizing sales but remember, most mobile apps are not overnight sensations. There are three long-term strategies that always seem to pay off.

Ad Networks

This is a good marketing tool, especially if you aren’t very experienced at marketing and branding. Use of one of the online ad companies to help increase your traffic. There are ad networks which can promote your mobile app through banners, pay-per-click ads, and even other mobile apps. This is a great way to get your app out in front of more people. The click-through rate on most of these ads is between 1 and 1.5 percent which means your mobile app will be seen by thousands of people every day. This type of viewing can boost your app’s rating in the app stores and get it in front of even more potential customers.

Ad networks can also target ads to specific audiences, so if there is a demographic which may be more inclined to use your app, these are the customers you want to target. This is generally a more successful strategy than just posting a general ad.

Social Media

Social media platforms are a huge help in product advertising. It is essential that you include a social media ad strategy when you begin marketing your mobile app. If used in the correct way, social media can help you boost your brand awareness. It can even become a communication link between you, the developer and your customers.

It is really easy to connect with your app customers through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This also provides an alternate avenue for users to notify you about problems with the app. It is better to find out about these via social media than through the app store. Negative reviews in the app store can decrease your ratings and reduce the app’s visibility to potential customers.

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing can work to increase customer awareness and boost sales. The effectiveness of organic marketing may be determined by which app store you are using to sell your mobile app. In Apple’s app store, it is usually more effective to market through ad-driven links. However, in Google Play, the app store for android devices, rankings are often determined by the download/usage ratio. It is possible to increase this ratio with push notifications that send communications to users. These will usually include certain perks like extra lives or information on different types of benefits of using your mobile app.

When it comes to actually selling your mobile app, marketing a mobile app is just as important as developing it. If you can’t make any money on the app, it will not be worth anything. Follow these strategies to market your app and increase your sales.

Secure Your Outdoor Party With Party Tent Rentals

Large Party Tent
Large Party Tent

There is nothing as brilliant as a party in the great outdoors. Whether you decide to host a party in your backyard or in a parking lot or even at a park, everyone attending is bound to have an awesome time. However, having a party in the great outdoors is not as straight forward as it seems as there are various factors such as weather to consider. Whether it’s the blazing hot sun during summer or the frequent downpour of rain and snow in winter, your outdoor party is at risk of failing if you do not have the right shade or shelter put in place. This is where party tent rentals come in to save the day.

If you are looking to provide a nice and convenient shade to people attending your party or special event in the outdoors then renting tents is something that you should really consider. Outdoor event tents come in many different shapes, sizes and colors as well. The diversity in available options means that your party will not miss a perfect shade or shelter solution that matches the overall theme of the event. Depending on your budget, there are also a wide variety of tents styles that you can choose from.

If you are looking to go big with your party and marvel all who will be in attendance then high peak frame tents are the right pick for you. This special type of tents allow you to create a festival or pinnacle style of event that will appeal to all who attend. These high profile tents are also very reliable as they can sustain heavy wind loads than normal tents. Such tents are perfect for large outdoor events and parties such as weddings, corporate events, graduation ceremonies and outdoor exhibitions.

When going out to look for party tent rentals, you must put into consideration a few factors. First and foremost, you must consider the quality of tent you will be getting for your party. Most tents are white in color and can stain or tarnish if they are not well maintained. A competent tent rental company should always take care of its tents and structural frame structures to ensure that they are always in top shape. No one wants to rent dirty or poor quality party tents so it is best to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

You also need to consider the support structure of the party tents you are going to hire. There are two types of support structures for party tents. The first option is using a traditional pole-style support structure that is excellent for grass and dirt surfaces. The second option is using frame support structure that is suitable for hard surfaces such as wooden or concrete floors.

Once you have considered the above factors, you can go ahead and request for a quote for your particular party tent rental package. Always make sure that you use Regal Tent party tent rentals for any form of outdoor event or party.

How You Can Optimize Your Programmatic Ad Buying

Mobile Ads
Mobile Ads

If you are interested in reaching modern consumers, you are going to have to advertise on mobile devices. Most people spend a large portion of their times on phones and other mobile devices. Mobile ads are the best way to reach them.

In order to maximize their chances of success, there are many companies that are focusing on programmatic ad buying. If this is a strategy you are implementing, make sure you try out these tips:

Look Into Cross-Platform Opportunities

You don’t want to put all of your eggs in a single basket. If you only advertise on a single platform, your reach will be very limited.

When you buy ad space, you should always try to make sure that your ads are appearing on multiple platforms. This will increase your chances of getting the ad noticed.

Try To Target Newer Apps

A lot of people try to advertise on the biggest and most popular apps available. While it is true that ads on popular apps will get seen, placing adds in places like this can be very costly. In addition, the competition for this kind of ad space is high.

Instead of focusing on established apps, try placing ads on apps that are up and coming. You may be able to get the ad space you want for a low price, and you will still be able to target a large amount of people.

Monitor Your Performance Carefully

Simply placing ads isn’t enough. If you really want to get a lot out of your marketing campaign, you are going to want to track and market the performance of the ads that you place.

If one of your ads isn’t successful, you will have to figure out why. Tweak your ads and adjust your strategies until you are consistently able to see the kind of success you are after.

Advertising can be complex. However, once you find the right methods of advertising, you will be able to see success on a very consistent basis.

Work With Liftoff

At the end of the day, ad buying is a very complicated process. There is only so much you will be able to do if you work on your own. If you really want your ads to be successful, you will want to outsource your ad buying to a marketing company.

One of the best companies to work with in this regard is Liftoff. They have a very strong understanding of mobile devices and mobile advertising. They can help you to buy the kind of ad space that you need in order to be successful.

There are a lot of companies out there that are struggling with programmatic ad buying. Thankfully, if you follow the suggestions that are listed above, you won’t have to struggle with this at all.

Test out these strategies, and consider hiring a company like Liftoff. If you work with them, you will be able to create ads that really make an impact.