All About Finding A Good Labour Lawyer


If you feel your employer had done you wrong, then you have a choice to either bash your lawyer on social media, or be more reasonable and smartly avenge yourself by hiring a labour lawyer to extract a settlement from your employer. If not settlement, then shame your employer in the public record by going to court.

However your case unfolds, though, there is no doubt that finding a good labor lawyer is the first step in the right direction. If you find a good legal representative, you will increase your chances of getting a better outcome. But how do you find a good lawyer? Read below to know how.

A lawyer or anyone else for that matter is really only as good as his reputation and his qualifications. That said, you might want to ask the people in your circle if they personally know of any labour lawyer that they would highly recommend. If there is no one who can make a qualified recommendation, then you should go and use websites like Find Lawyer which pre-qualifies lawyers based on their qualifications.

Lawyers who do not meet certain requirements are not featured on the website. Go ahead and check out those lawyer search websites and check out the law offices they have in there that specialize in labor law. Hopefully, the website you use has ratings and review feature that includes reviews by other lawyers as well as clients.

If there aren’t any reviews on the website, feel free to go ahead and check the lawyer’s reputation on Google by typing the law firm plus the word review or just go to There is a great chance you will find an entry on Yelp and other similar websites in the search results. Anyway, check out those pages and see what you find. If there aren’t any references, just go ahead and call the law firm for an appointment. You do not need to worry because most attorneys actually offer the first hour of consultation for free.

During your consultation come in prepared with the facts of your case. Also, answer the questionnaire (it’s standard for lawyers before taking on clients) as thoroughly as you can. Answer any answer by the lawyer and ask questions as well. You would be surprised but during the consultation, you can easily tell if you will be able to work with a lawyer or not.

If you like to go shopping for attorneys, go right ahead and do it. But remember not to tell the lawyer you’re talking to that you are talking with other lawyers as well. Why? Because that is the surest way to get rejected as a client. Offer some respect for the lawyer and be deferring in the way you talk to him – don’t talk like you know more than he does. Remember that lawyers spent many years in law school and even more time practicing law. It’s inevitable for them to have ego and feel insulted when you say you’re talking to other attorneys.

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