Hiring A Disability Lawyer: What To Look For

Disability Law

Hiring a disability lawyer to help with your case can improve chances of winning your case. This is especially important if dealing with insurance companies or from an accident due to someone’s negligence. Depending on the complexity of your case, it would be advisable to look for lawyers specializing in personal injury and disability cases. Unlike your regular family attorney, personal injury and disability lawyers are much better equipped for the case – which increases chances of winning the case. Finding the right lawyer can, however, be intimidating at times. Although you may use the internet or ask friends and acquaintances to help you find a good lawyer, several factors and qualifications need/have to be considered before signing a contract.

Some of the things to consider when looking for a disability lawyer include:

1. Specialty: You should not look for just any lawyer, but one who specializes in personal injury and disability cases. Lawyers specializing in this field not only know how to handle insurance company lawyers but also know how to stand their ground. These lawyers also work hand in hand with doctors or other medical practitioners to help prove their case and determine how much compensation their clients should get. Another added advantage of hiring a disability lawyer is that they know just when to settle or go to trial.

2. Experience: Licensing and certification aren’t enough especially with complicated personal injury cases. The lawyer needs to have some experience on the field, and especially around courtrooms to represent you well. You should therefore look for a disability attorney with at least 3 years of experience in the field. While a newbie lawyer may surprise you, you shouldn’t take any chances, particularly when your life is at stake. Only an experienced and reputable attorney can get you to the Promised Land.

3. Reputation: Reputation is more of a virtue than a qualification in the legal field. One thing you should know about lawyers is that they live by taking advantage of situations and circumstances just to make their case. Hiring a crooked lawyer, for this instance, can have a huge impact on your case. This is because the other lawyers will have leverage over your attorney, meaning he will do nothing but agree to their terms. A respected and reputable lawyer, on the other hand, has nothing to hide, meaning the other lawyers have nothing to use against him. This gives your case a chance for a fair trial

4. Legal fees: The attorney’s legal fees and charges should also be considered before signing any contract. While most attorneys offer a free consultation for the first meeting, some may charge for the same. How much the lawyer will be pocketing once the case is over, or for a retainer, is also subject to discussion as well. Other attorneys may agree to work on a contingency, whereby they only get their cut after you have been compensated.

These, along with the issues addressed at erikenderson.com, are some of the important factors to consider when shopping for a disability attorney. Talking to several lawyers or legal firms, and asking for a quotation should help you find the right one for the job. You may also have to research on the lawyer assigned to your case before agreeing to their terms.